Transform tissue, Straws, And Ribbon Into a fine looking Stained-Glass Kite

There area unit such a big amount of activities you’ll do outside that area unit each diverting and low-cost. whether or not you’re hiking through the woods or simply running through the sprinklers in your curtilage, there’s no shortage of how to entertain yourself with Mother Nature as your inspiration.

When the weather is sweet, one among my favorite things to try and do is run through the park with a kite. With the wind processing through my hair as I run to realize momentum, flying a kite makes Pine Tree State desire a childagain!

This year, rather than shopping for a kite, I will simply build one myself with this simple tutorial.

All you wish could be a few art provides and some of minutes to create your own stunning kite, that you’ll run through the park or persevere your curtilage for decoration!

Check out the materials and directions below, then watch the video to check however this stained-glass kite is assembled.


– contact paper
– paper straws
– tissue paper
– measuring tape
– exacto knife
– hole puncher
– ribbon
– fishing wire
– Instructions:

Use four paper straws to form a cross pattern on a bit of contact paper.
Cut up the tissue into little squares and canopy the contact paper with it to form a glass style.
Top the glass style with another piece of contact paper.
Using a measurement tape and exacto knife, cut the bedded contact paper into a kite form.
Use a hole puncher to punch 2 holes at all-time low of the kite, then tie a bit of ribbon within the holes.
Punch holes within the alternative ends of the kite, then tie a fishing wire through the 3 holes.
Hang your kite up outside!

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