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Mom Has Identical Twins, however once Another ma Shares Birth image, the women Have completely different Names

In 2012, Apr was endued with identical twins, Sophia and Vivienne. Like several new moms, she couldn’t wait to share photos of her precious newborns.

Shortly once transportation the babies home, she joined a Facebook cluster specifically for moms of multiples associate degreed used an alias name to guard her identity. She began uploading photos of Sophia and Vivienne and was met with plenty of support.

Everything was going nice — till the women turned one. it had been around that point that a girl contacted Apr on Facebook and directed her to a different woman’s parenting diary.

April was afraid to find an entire trespasser, UN agency blogged underneath the name “Ashley,” had purloinedphotos of Sophia and Vivienne and was move as their mother. Ashley gave them completely different names, Adaya and Kamberlin, and had fictitious stories to travel at the side of every image. She even created up medical problemsfrom that the women didn’t truly suffer.

Outraged, Apr and her husband Nathan noted wherever Ashley lived and demanded she take away the photos straightaway. They contacted the police, however threats of proceeding didn’t appear to discourage this “digital felon.”

Time passed, and Apr and Nathan thought the worst was behind them.

But a handful of years later, Apr learned Ashley wasn’t simply continued to repost her photos on-line. Once investigators got a glance within her house, things took a fair more odd and heavy flip.


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